Our People

Professor Hugh Durrant Whyte

NSW chief scientist and engineer. Formerly Chief Scientist for UK Ministry of Defence.

One of the world’s foremost experts in robotics and automation. Over 350 research papers published.

Inventor of the driverless trucks for Rio Tinto which has saved billions.

Inventor of the autostrads which underpinned the first automated port in the world in Brisbane for Patrick Corporation (transforming Patricks from a $150m business to a $6bn company within a decade).

Arowana advisory board member.

Eric Achtmann
Non-Executive Director

Leader of Project Marlow, Costa Coffee’s automation and IOT project (which has been featured in Harvard Business School and London Business School case studies) and led to a $5.1bn buyout by Coca Cola (delivering over 50x MOIC).

Co-founder of V-Nova, UK based tech company in the MPEG-5 space

Advisor to the European Commission.

Arowana advisory board member.

Salah Sukkarieh

Professor of robotics and intelligent systems at University of Sydney.

Former Director of Research & Innovation at Australian Centre for Field Robots (largest field robots institute in world). Acknowledged as a world leader in field robotics, with awards including the prestigious 2017 CSIRO Eureka Prize.

Has received over $50m of university – industry government research grants.

Founder of predecessor robotics startup, Agerris which received VC funding, but reverted back to Sydney University (when VCs were unable to further fund despite strong progress).

Kevin Chin
Lead Investor and Advisory Board member

Impact investor and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Arowana, the award winning global B Corporation investment group. Led Arowana to being ranked as one of the upper top quartile B Corporations and impact companies globally.

Has successfully invested in and led hyperturnaround and/or hyperscaling missions for companies across different industries including software, education, renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Author of the book, HyperTurnaround!